Chocolate Burfi / Gajak

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Chocolate Burfi / Gajak
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Make quick and easy Chocolate Burfi. You can make Chocolate Burfi with minimum ingredients available at home. Do try this recipe at home and drop a comment.



  1. Take a pan pour sesame seeds in that and roast them on high flame for 2 min with continuous stirring
  2. After roasting take them in a plate and keep it aside
  3. Now take groundnut in a same pan and roast them too
  4. After roasting keep it aside
  5. Take a roasted sesame seeds and grind them in a grinder for 1 min
  6. Transfer the same powder in a bowl
  7. Take roasted ground nuts and remove skin from them
  8. Take those groundnuts, 2 cup desiccated coconut powder and 1/2 cup ruchiyana jaggery powder in a grinder and grind them well
  9. Add that mixture in grinded sesame powder
  10. Add 3 big spoon melted ghee
  11. Mix it well
  12. Put that mixture into the grinder & grind it for 1 min
  13. Take a tray for making burfi ( gazak )
  14. Line a tray with parchment paper grease it with ghee
  15. Pour that mixture into the tray, spread it & press it well to the paper so that it will be better for making burfi
  16. After placing mixture into the tray keep it aside
  17. Now take pot and boil some water
  18. Till the water gets boiled
  19. Let’s crush of chocolate compound
  20. If you don't have dark chocolate compound, you can also use Cadbury Dairy Milk
  21. Now crush dark chocolate compound with big knife
  22. After crushing the dark compound chocolate
  23. Take boiled water pot
  24. Place a plate of crushed chocolate compound above that pot for melting the chocolate
  25. It’s a double boiler method
  26. After melting the chocolate
  27. Add melted ghee mix it well
  28. Our chocolate mixture is ready
  29. Just make sure melted chocolate should be lumps free
  30. Now spread it on a sesame burfi
  31. After spreading it all over the burfi
  32. Garnish it with sesame seeds
  33. Refrigerate it in fridge for half an hour
  34. After refrigerating your gajak / burfi is ready
  35. Make its square pieces and its ready to eat!

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